Candy Frenzy

Candy Frenzy is a free game that features some very sweet and colorful visuals of candy within a stunningly magnificent background that is easy on the eyes.


From its name, it is easy to guess that Candy Frenzy is a game filled with lots of delicious candies. It is a puzzle game that features some very sweet and colorful visuals of candy. The free android game is simply mind blowing, and offers amazing game play that guarantees hours upon hours of fun. The developer, Appgo, went to great lengths to ensure they designed a game environment that takes full advantage of modern android device screens. The game is very entertaining and it won’t harm to give it a try if you are looking to kill some boring hours.


Overview of the game play

For starters you need to visit the Google Play store, download, and then install the game on your android device. As per the game play itself, you are required to match three or more candies to annihilate them and create blasts. Your aim is to complete the score in less than 30 moves. This score is increased progressively as you move to the next level. You have to meet the set high score before you are allowed to progress. The initial levels are quite easy and you will easily breeze your way through, but you will struggle to meet the high score when playing at advanced levels.

When you match four candies, you are given new flavored candy which when used during matching, bursts the entire line of candies. There also are magical boosters which are very helpful and often come in handy when you are stuck in the advanced levels that are more challenging.

Playing involves mastering some candy moving strategy. However, nothing is complicated about it. You have to learn to make some smart moves as you move up levels in order to make the required candy combinations using a few steps. The sound, with its ambient atmospheric soundtrack and soothing effects, is as awesome as the visuals, and you will really enjoy it if you are using good earphones. The candy star graphics are particularly immersing. After spending some time playing Candy Frenzy, you will absolutely love the endless fun the game offers. You can also compare your score line with other players as the game offers a leader board option.


  • A new innovative and completely immersing game play: qualify to collect the candy star by cleaning all obstacles in a level
  • A candy matching game that comes in a fresh flavor. It is sweet and challenging
  • 38 exquisitely designed levels – all free!
  • Easy to start and learn, but challenging to master.


The game is absolutely free, you only have to play well, rather than pay, to unlock new and exciting levels that will keep you immersed during those boring hours of the day.


It is really difficult to advance through the later levels.


Candy Frenzy is an interesting and colorful game that you will definitely enjoy playing anywhere, especially when you are on the go. The game play graphics are detailed and engaging and everything is set on a stunningly magnificent background that is easy on the eyes.


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